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Darkest Night at the Gnarly Stump

On the darkest night of the year, residents of a secluded Appalachian town gather at a local pub, The Gnarly Stump, to share ghost stories and songs. When an outsider arrives reporting the mysterious disappearance of her sister, the lines between story and reality become blurred–there’s more than just trees in those woods.

This world premiere commissioned by Know Theatre pairs a play from Lauren Hynek and Elizabeth martin, the writers behind Know’s Saturday the 14th, We Will Rise: Stories from the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, and the live action Disney film Mulan (2020), with songs from Paul Strickland, local fringe favorite, nationally acclaimed story-teller, and author of The Trailer Park TrilogyBalls of Yarns, and co-author of Andy’s House of [blank].

Originally filmed in Know Theatre’s Underground bar, in December of 2016.

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All proceeds from archived streaming content are split between the Know and the artists involved, so that our small but mighty staff and our large and mighty artistic community can all weather the storm together.

Audio Plays to Go

The Last Mother in the House of Chavis

When a TV producer rolls into a small town looking for some juicy behind-the-scenes scoop, Vernon Chavis learns that his estranged son is competing on an internationally famous reality show … for drag queens. The Last Mother in the House of Chavis, by Robert Macke, features the voices of Joe Hornbaker, Abi Esmena, and Angela Nalley, and is directed by Jared D. Doren.

The show first appeared on stage at the Know as part of Serials!, and we’re delighted to bring it to Radio Know, featuring the same team behind its popular Serials! run.

The Last Mother in the House of Chavis is slated to received its world premiere during Summer 2021 at The Other Side of Silence, NYC’s oldest and longest-producing LGBTQ+ theater company. 

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Fetus and the God

Before all humans are born, they have a chance to meet God and ask five Supreme Questions. The catch? They forget it all at the moment of birth. Also, God has a brisk side business in writing a cartoon strip about a lasagna-loving cat, so he’s a bit distracted at the moment. 

Fetus and the God follows the Almighty and one soon-to-be person as they take a trip around the celestial plane, wrestle with the magnitude of Supreme Questions, and relish the joy and absurdity of human existence.

Fetus and the God by Ben Dudley, features the voices of Brianna Bernard, Jared Earland, Maliyah Gramata-Jones, Sean Mette, Ryan-Chavez Richmond, and Tess Talbot.

Fetus and the God was originally produced as part of Serials! in 2014.

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Could’ve Said it Deader

We’re gonna need a lot more garlic bread.

They say Death looms ever-present … but you don’t have to tell that to Tina, who actually shares an apartment with the guy.

Join them as they solve their super-typical, highly-relatable roommate issues, like “who’s been eating all the Oreos?” and “what do we do about the dead pizza guy in the apartment?” and “oh my god, is that a doomsday cult next door?”

COULD’VE SAID IT DEADER, by Alexx Rouse and Zach Robinson, features the voices of Merritt Beischel, Rory Sheridan, Brandon Leatherland, and Zach Robinson.

Could’ve Said it Deader was originally produced as part of Serials! Thunderdome under the title Less Full House.

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Mary's Monster by Maggie Lou Rader

Mary’s Monster

The dead can come back to us. But they don’t always come back nice.

On a dark night near the end of her life, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley wrestles with ghosts: her dead children, her sister, her famous husband, her mother, and Frankenstein, her most famous creation. Death has loomed over her entire life, and now, shovel in hand, she will reckon with it, one way or another.

Directed by Jennifer Joplin. Featuring Maggie Lou Rader.

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Of People and Not Things

This is the way the world ends: with an intimate apocalypse.

Everyone knows that a bad break up can feel like the end of the world. But what if that’s what really happened? What if the the end of civilization defied summer blockbusters and came free of flesh eating zombies and digital destruction? What if, rather than a frenzied pandemic, it came as a soft goodbye? What if the end of a relationship somehow actually meant the end of life as we knew it?

Of People and Not Things is tightly focused on two people struggling to unearth meaning in the events that have brought them into this small room with you. Thomas is a physicist trying to explain how the end came about. Karen is a former office temp searching for a place in this new world. These two interrelated monologues when taken together paint a picture of life after civilization full of compassion and need for connection.

Directed by Elizabeth Martin. Featuring Andrew Hungerford & Lauren Hynek. Recorded in 2011.

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