10 reasons you need to see MOBY DICK at Know Theatre.

10 reasons you need to see MOBY DICK at Know Theatre.

Associate Artistic Director Tammy here, and I’m getting seriously pumped for next week’s opening of Moby Dick.

You have your tickets, right?
If you answered “Yes!”, HOORAY! (And thanks: we can’t wait for you to see it!)

But, wait–did I hear a couple folks out there say they haven’t gotten tickets yet?

Let me see if I can change that for you. I present to you:

10 reasons to see Moby Dick at Know Theatre:

  • Ahab! You saw what Rico Reid could do when given a time machine and a chip
    Rico Reid as Ahab
    Rico Reid as Ahab

    on his shoulder in Harry & The Thief. Now see what happens when we give him a ship, a crew, and an insatiable need for vengeance as legendary Captain Ahab.

  • Storytelling! If you love 19th Century literature, you want to see how it comes alive with this creative team.
  • Action! If you think you hate 19th Century literature, come surprise yourself: this action-packed adventure will shake off your English 101 preconceptions within the first five minutes.
  • Starbuck! Cincy Shakes veteran Justin McCombs takes his first walk on Know
    Justin McCombs is Starbuck
    Justin McCombs is Starbuck

    Theatre’s boards and his portrayal of Starbuck will blow you away.

  • Adventure! Aren’t you the least bit curious how Know intends to portray an epic seafaring adventure story, complete with high-impact whale hunting sequences, on our intimate stage?
  • Music! The 8-man ensemble of Moby Dick pack a ton of talent onto Know’s stage, including powerful voices, which will sing you a collection of historical (and imaginative) sea shanties—ranging from bawdy drinking songs to haunting laments.
  • Wesselman! Longtime Know Theatre & Cincy Fringe fans love Chris Wesselman for his comedic chops (and Serials! fans know that he’s a master of theatrical surprises). Come see what the man can do with some serious dramatic action.

    Michael Burnham and Andrew Hungerford make a formidable team.
    Michael Burnham and Andrew Hungerford make a formidable team.
  • Hungerford! Come see what our new Artistic Director Andrew Hungerford can do when given the reigns to a MainStage production.
  • Burnham! A mainstay of Cincinnati theatre and creative genius behind some of Know Theatre’s most Know Theatre’s most memorable shows—including Corpus Christi and Adding Machine: a musical—Michael Burnham knows theatricality, and knows how to keep you enthralled.
  • You! As we at Know Theatre like to say:
    We Know you do!And with Moby Dick, Know Theatre will challenge your notions of what theatre can do. Come see what we mean, beginning October 10.

Tickets are on sale NOW! Click here to book your seats for this thrilling new adaptation.