What we do

An Artistic Playground

Our goal is to create an artistic playground where artists and audiences can come together to produce and experience work that could not be done anywhere else.

We want to build a community around viscerally theatrical, exciting works. We strive to make the kind of theatre and experience that gives you a good reason to get off your couch and come on down to play at the Know.

MainStage Programming

Know produces premiere, visually inventive works that fully explore the essence of what live theatre can be. We are committed to producing works that contain voices that are traditionally underrepresented on stages regionally and nationally.

As a company, our goal is gender parity in the playwrights we produce as well as in the makeup of our artistic teams. Season 22 is our fifth season in a row with at least 50% of the plays in the MainStage season written by women. Additionally, this season marks the third in a row where 60% or more onstage roles are specifically for female or non-binary actors.  

Nationally, only 30% of new plays produced in the 2018-19 season were written by women (up from 26% in 2017-18).

We believe that it is part of our ongoing responsibility to change that statistic.

Despite our small budget, we strive to produce the highest quality artistic work possible that engages audiences on visceral and intellectual levels.

See our current MainStage Line-up Here!

SecondStage Programming

Know’s SecondStage is a chance to focus on works that are still in development, to showcase local artists, and to feature works so unusual they don’t fit into a typical MainStage format.

Our flagship SecondStage program is Serials! our Monday Night Episodic Theatre Party!

And you can read about what else we have coming up here.

The Jackson Street Market

In order to leverage our resources to the benefit of the larger community, Know Theatre launched the Jackson Street Market program in August 2010.


The Market creates opportunities for artists by providing them with logistical support, resources, space and eventually financial support for their own projects. Know Theatre does not create Market programming, but rather it seeks artist collaborators who have ideas, passion, and motivation but need the kind of support resources that Know Theatre has readily available.

You can read more about the Jackson Street Market here!