Know Theatre of Cincinnati

Where We Are

Where we are

Know Theatre is located in the David C. Herriman Center for the Performing Arts at 1120 Jackson Street in historic Over-the-Rhine.

We’ve been in our building since 2006, and in our neighborhood since 1999. We’re committed to maintaining community in the middle of of a changing neighborhood.

Relatively Speaking

We’re about a block from the Coffee Emporium on Central Parkway.

We’re on the other side of the Parking Garage from Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati.

We’re two blocks from Washington Park.

We’re three blocks from Cincinnati Shakespeare Company and Music Hall.

We’re one block from that new restaurant on Vine Street that you’ve been dying to eat at.


On-street parking is available around Over-the-Rhine, but it’s a little complicated. Parking Meters accept credit cards, and allow you to pay for the last three hours of the meter in one fell swoop. So don’t worry about running out at intermission to drop additional quarters.  There is some free parking scattered about, but pay attention to signage regarding resident only spots.

Fortunately there are also a number of convenient parking garages and surface lots within walking distance of the theatre including the gateway garage, the Washington Park Garage, and the lots at Central and Main and 12th and Vine. 

The surface lot directly to the north of Know Theatre is a private lot, and is now available on a limited basis for pay-to-park patrons. Please check signage before you leave the lot if you choose to park there!

know exterior photo by Jeff Burkle