Know Theatre of Cincinnati


Budget Transparency

We believe in transparency in the work that we do and the way that we create theatre. We believe in equitable theatre making, and that’s not fully possible without being open about where the money goes.

To that end, we offer you this summary of our Season 24 Budget. The first two productions of this season will be outdoor touring shows, and we’ll return in the fall with hybrid digital/in-person performances.

Our total budgeted revenue and expenditures reflect an increase of approximately $200,000 from our Season 23 pandemic year actuals, putting us in line with our pre-pandemic actuals. Fingers crossed!

The front page gives a general overview, click on over the second sheet if you’d like more specifics. Every budget we create is a hard fought battle to determine where each dollar goes. But our guiding principle is to prioritize getting those dollars to people: the staff and artists who create the work.