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Will you walk with me?  You can use the map.
Be the navigator. It will help.  

Join us on a spring time walk through Cincinnati’s Eden Park for a new adaptation of ancient mythology, where you choose which story to experience. Persephone and Inanna are both gods who returned from the underworld: one seeking reunion, the other in pursuit of revenge.

In Crypsis you accompany a narrator, picking which path to take, as she finds her own unique road home.

Crypsis is a new immersive audio play with a bonus: we’re using geolocation technology to advance the story with new scenes as you walk past certain landmarks – iconic locations that, as you listen, perhaps become something more.

And if you’re unable to make the walk in person, we have a video version where we do the walking for you, available below.

Rated: PG-13 (some strong language and violent imagery)

Run Time: 20 minutes for each path of the walk, depending on your walking speed.

We recommend a leisurely walking speed of only around 2 miles per hour. Enjoy the spring time.

Important Technical Information

The Crypsis in person experience requires a smart phone, or other mobile device, that runs iOS or Android, with the Echoes Sound Walk app installed.

Crypsis is now available for free through Echoes! Click here, or just search for it by name in the app.

For both paths, we recommend parking by Krohn Conservatory.
The experience begins when you reach the sidewalk on the East side of the Conservatory.

Here are the approximate routes and distances you can expect to walk. Note that no stairs are included in the walking path.

Path A

Path B

Creative Team

Devised by Know Theatre
(Henry Bateman, Douglas Borntrager, Liz Carman, Andrew Hungerford, Zach Robinson, Kayla Williams, Meghan Winter, and Tamara Winters.)

Text by: Andrew Hungerford
Additional text by: Liz Carman & Tamara Winters
Sound Design by: Douglas Borntrager


Jordan Trovillion
with: Douglas Borntrager, Jared Earland, Tamara Winters

View the video version of Crypsis here!