Know Theatre of Cincinnati

Go To Know!


Join us on our home turf for training, classes, events, and performances! Current Go To Know! opportunities include:

Classes (Adults)

Old dogs can still learn new tricks…or at least brush up on what they already know. Join other local performers (and aspiring performers!) in class settings sure to expand your artistic abilities.

Classes (K-12)

It’s never too early to start training the next generation of artists! Join our qualified instructors and begin crafting unique skill sets!

Story Time with Sparkle!

Sparkle Leigh reads you and your kids stories of Love, Light, Bravery, and PRIDE! This LGBTQ family- friendly event for all ages & allies, feature songs and games along with a focus on books from LGBTQ Authors and especially Authors who are POC! Each and every Storytime is a brand new adventure with brand new friends! Costumes & dressing up are highly encouraged! We will have a costume contest where a few lucky friends may walk away with a shiny ticket for FREE Admission for them & their Family next Adventure! Follow “Storytime with Sparkle,” & PFLAG Cincinnati on Facebook! 

Nov. 9: KIWI’S BIG COMEBACK: A focus on Bravery
A magical baby bunny with stage fright suddenly in the midst of a world tour! Kiwi is introduced but can’t get beyond getting his ears in the spotlight. Kids go with Sparkle on five quests to retrieve enough knowledge and bravery for him to complete his magical magic act! Sometimes it’s hard to be brave, but sometimes you can find bravery where you least expect it! 

Dec. 14: SASSAFRAS THE SCAREDY SQUID: A focus on Consent
It’s not that Sassafrass is sassy. They are just scared that not everyone has had a hug today! Go “under the sea” with Sparkle Leigh to an ocean of no sharks (they’re all on vacation on the moon)! Follow along as we read some books and chat about about the importance of “personal bubbles,” as well as a little bit about “Stranger Danger!” Not all hugs are bad, but asking a friends’ permission won’t make them sad!

Jan 11: SQUIRT THE SQUIRREL: A focus on Mindfulness
Squirt is an over- active & imaginative squirrel who loves to munch on fast food and left over pizza! In the “Forest of Frenzy” outside of Toon Township, kids must help Squirt save their world by working together mindfully with Sparkle on why eating your veggies could help save YOURS! A whirlwind adventure about staying happy & healthy!

Feb 8: BARRY THE SAD SUNFLOWER: A focus on Big Emotions
At the “Not-So-Super-Market,” a loudspeaker announcement says “ALL flowers are on sale!” Sparkle gets there and only finds one lonely sunflower. We must help guardians grab all items on our shopping list calmly despite several hiccups, including an earthquake, lava monster, and a hurricane shipwreck in the seafood aisle! Learn to control big emotions and reunite Barry with his seeds so that more Sunflowers can bring more Sunshine to Toon Township!

Mar 14: BILLY THE BULLY: A focus on Empathy
Howdy farm folk! Join Sparkle in the “Baryard of Bubbles,” for a chat about how bullying can hurt feelings. Not only is this Barnyard unique because it’s an Animal Sanctuary, it’s also on the Moon! Will Billy the bully goat clean up his act? Has anyone asked Billy how he is doing today? Maybe Billy is a Bully because he doesn’t have good friends?!  Come along for a kooky adventure of kindness that will be out of this World!

April 11: You’ll have to wait and see!