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Bring the magic of Know’s theatrical playground to your school, business, event, or organization! Current Know To Go! opportunities include:


The Inventive Princess of Floralee

By Maggie Rader

“Girl Power! Fun costumes, clever dialog for older students, actors very engaging when onstage and when working with audience.” -Teacher
“I loved the connection to girls in STEAM jobs.” -Teacher
“The performances alone, were totally enthralling and entertaining! The added bonus of student volunteers, audience supplied sound-effects and whole-group problem Copy of Inventive Princess Promo (1)solving put it over the top! The kids were thrilled and totally engaged! So many have asked, “when are they coming back again??” Also, several teachers have commented on the skill level of the actors as well as the uniqueness of the material and presentation! Combining an intriguing story line with humor, riddles, equations and the need for analytical thinking made this experience a one-of-a-kind for our kiddos!” -Teacher

This original, two-person, interactive, 45-minute fairy tale will have your students “thinking like scientists” as they follow the Princess of Floralee on the adventure of a lifetime, searching for the kidnapped king kept in the clutches of a viciously vile and wrathfully wicked witch. Click here for more info!


Alice in Neverland

By Maggie Rader

“What a creative story that highlights critical thinking skills!” -Teacher
“Take an adventure with some of your favorite characters and help to solve a mystery! The show is interactive and hilarious, and it will really draw in a crowd.” -Librarian


This original, two-person, interactive literary adventure will have your students on the edge of their seats and thinking critically as they join Alice, the best detective in Wonderland, who takes the case when Tinkerbell hires her to solve the mystery of Peter Pan’s disappearance. Curiouser and curiouser!

This mashup of everyone’s favorite childhood stories will have your students laughing, cheering, and using critical thinking skills to help Alice decipher clues and crack the case. Will Alice find Peter before he grows up? Will time be restored in Neverland? Will Captain Hook ever be picked for the hockey team? Join us for Alice in Neverland!

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Bystander Training: How to Be an Advocate

bystander training image

Created for middle and high schools — but for all groups and ages — our bystander training tools and techniques empower anyone by giving them safe and simple steps to “Stand Up” and “Stand By” potential victims of intolerance, abuse, and violence

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New This Season!

Dragon Up

by Maggie Rader

Oro the dragon just turned 12, is struggling to learn how to breathe fire to be a “real” dragon boy, and now finds himself in charge of guarding the Great Dragon Treasure! However, when he’s arguing with Meetra, the Muskrat Knight, the Scary Teacher Monster comes and steals the treasure from under their snouts! Will Oro and Meetra find the treasure? Will Oro learn how to breathe fire? Will they learn how to express emotions and resolve conflict in a healthy way? Find out in Dragon Up!