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The Inventive Princess of Floralee

Copy of Inventive Princess Promo (1)Part of our Theatre for Young Audiences Tour, this original, two-person, interactive, 45-minute fairy tale will have your students “thinking like scientists” as they follow the Princess of Floralee on the adventure of a lifetime, searching for the kidnapped king kept in the clutches of a viciously vile and wrathfully wicked witch. Along the way, your students will help the princess solve a variety of math, engineering, science, and even dance challenges as she uses her brains, wit, and sound judgment to find her father in the land Scalenfell. Your students will laugh and cheer as they meet characters like a figure-skating dragon, a Platypus saving Pirate, a gate with a flair for dancing, and a witch, that they may recognize! This unique educational opportunity unites science and art by giving your students the chance to laugh, dance, and think critically about topics rooted in STEM. Created for grades K-5

“I was feeling excited because it was more about not being afraid to tell people what you like to do.”       -Student

To book or check availability, email Education Director, Maggie Rader or call 513-300-5669


  • Up to 350 children per performance (200 in a gym setting for sound reasons)
  • $500 for 1st performance (*$450 if booked before August), $275 (*$250 if booked before August) for additional same day performances
      • *performances can take place anytime during the 2018-2019 school year


  • Up to 90 students per performance
  • $8 per student
  • Email about availability

 “My favorite thing about the play was how the princess was so brave.”