Know Theatre of Cincinnati



Know Theatre casts come from a combination of local artists and guests from further afield. Casting for the MainStage typically takes place on an invited basis, project-by-project and led by the director of each production.  In most cases, the director will select sides from the show and we will provide them in advance to auditioning actors before they come in to read for specific roles. Zoom auditions are also increasingly becoming part of our practice, for safety and accessibility!

We’re always interested in finding new artists to come play! To make sure you’re on our radar for consideration for upcoming projects, send a head shot and resume to us at:

Many of the scripts we produce are available to read at the National New Play Network’s New Play Exchange – we’re always happy to hear from you if you read a script and want to be considered for a specific role!

General Auditions

The COVID-19 pandemic has limited our ability to host general auditions since 2020, but we are looking ahead to when we can host them again. In a typical season, we schedule general auditions once a year, over a few days, and ask interested folks to sign up for slots to share two contrasting monologues of a minute or less. Keep your eye on this space or our social media pages – that’s where you’ll hear about any audition announcements!


An additional way to come to play at the Know (and make sure we’re familiar with your work – and vice versa) is to take part in our episodic theatre series, Serials! During Serials!, full stories unfold in 15 minute episodes across 5 Monday night events.

If you’d like to be a part of our wild and wacky Serials adventures, you can find out more information (including the Talent Pool document where directors and writers can find out about your interest) here!

Our next round of Serials! will happen in early 2022, and details on submissions will be updated in late November/early December 2021. Stay tuned!