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Kairos, a world premiere by Lisa Sanaye Dring (director of Alabaster, 2019), starts as a meet-cute romantic comedy … and then the world changes.

A budding relationship is tested by the advent of Prometheus, a procedure that grants immortality to a select few. What happens to commitment, meaning and care when linear time breaks open?

Directed by Rebecca Wear (Mongrel, 2021).

First Rehearsal- Jan 23, 2024.
Tech: Feb 10-11
Open: Feb 16
Close: March 3

For a total of 13 performances.

We’re also planning to spend up to 15 hours in a development workshop over Zoom in the week of November 26.

Available Roles
Gina, 33
David, 33 

Please submit a brief contemporary monologue by 10/31/23.

Self-Tape Submission Form (Requires a Google Log-in)
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The Light Chasers

The Light Chasers is a world premiere theatrical adventure based upon the album Light Chasers by Cloud Cult, produced in partnership with University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music.

With her father 10 years into an improbable mission to the stars, a teenage girl vows to find a way to reach him across the lightyears to reunite her family.

It’s a story about family, loss, and the galactic distances to which we would go to heal.

Co-directed by Jess Hutchinson and Andrew Hungerford.

Available Roles

CHRIS 40s. (she/her). A single mom these past ten years, with all that entails. Tired. No room to process grief, or anything else. Recently got a new job as an administrator at a prestigious air and space museum. She exudes a professionalism and competence that is increasingly stretched thin.

Featured Songs:
Today We Give Ourselves to the Fire

PILOT 30s-40s. (he/him). A dad, a scientist, a seeker. He’s been gone 10 years. Well meaning even in the little failures. Yearning, always searching. Always questioning.

Featured Songs:
You’ll be Bright
You Were Born
There’s So Much Energy in Us

CAPTAIN / MSHAURI 20s-50s. (any) The Captain and the AP Physics teacher. Wears authority as best they can, guiding the young people on the ship, whether it’s the students or the literal starship. The character is currently written as she/her, but this is flexible.

Featured Song:
Room Full of People in Your Head


First Rehearsal: March 5
(note: we’ll be using some time in advance of the official start date to workshop the script and do some table work over zoom. This time will be deducted from the rehearsal hours used in the first week.)
Technical Rehearsals: March 30-31, 2024
Opening: April 5, 2024
Closing: April 28, 2024

Please submit a brief contemporary monologue, and an indie-rock song by 11/3/23.

Self Tape Submission Form (requires a google log-in)

Schedule a time to Tape at the Know


Know Theatre casts come from a combination of local artists and guests from further afield. Casting for the MainStage typically takes place on an invited basis, project-by-project and led by the director of each production.  In most cases, the director will select sides from the show and we will provide them in advance to auditioning actors before they come in to read for specific roles. Zoom auditions are also increasingly becoming part of our practice, for safety and accessibility!

The Know also holds open audition calls for specific projects.

Know Theatre primarily employs non-AEA actors and works with Actor’s Equity under Guest Artist Agreements. Weekly compensation is the same for both AEA and non-AEA artists.

We’re always interested in finding new artists to come play! To make sure you’re on our radar for consideration for upcoming projects, send a head shot and resume to us at:

Many of the scripts we produce are available to read at the National New Play Network’s New Play Exchange – we’re always happy to hear from you if you read a script and want to be considered for a specific role!


An additional way to come to play at the Know (and make sure we’re familiar with your work – and vice versa) is to take part in our episodic theatre series, Serials! During Serials!, full stories unfold in 15 minute episodes across 5 Monday night events.

If you’d like to be a part of our wild and wacky Serials adventures, you can find out more information (including the Talent Pool document where directors and writers can find out about your interest) here!

Our next round of Serials! will happen in early 2024, and details on submissions will be updated later this summer!