“How is THIS a Know Theatre show?”

“How is THIS a Know Theatre show?”

HeadshotTWHi folks! Associate Artistic Director Tammy here:

As we come to the final week of performances of Moby Dick at Know Theatre, I continue to be inspired by the reactions of our audience.

Some come to us with a love of the novel rivaling that of our Artistic Director Andrew Hungerford. Some come to us with a dread borne from memories of English class required reading (we’re always happy to dispel those preconceptions!). And some come to us not knowing a thing about Herman Melville or Moby Dick–but it’s cool; a great story translates whether you know the source material or not.

As one of our more frequent House Managers at Know, I get the pleasure of seeing the audience’s faces at Intermission and after the show–and I also get the fun of being stopped over and over again by patrons saying things like,

“That was phenomenal!”

“What a great show!”

“…it was not what I expected, and I mean that in a very good way!”

…and any number of variations therein!

As someone who answers the phone a lot at Know, too, I’ve also heard the following from patrons who haven’t seen the show yet:

“What makes MOBY DICK a ‘Know’ kind of show?”


For any of you still asking yourselves that question, I can help you out.

Know Theatre is all about telling unexpected stories in innovative ways, first and foremost. So, while you’ll find the source material in the Classics section of the library, there’s nothing dusty or outdated about this show.

Ahab and his crewmates, mid-hunt
Ahab and his crewmates, mid-hunt

Staged by two directors who know a thing or two about theatrical experimentation, Moby Dick makes you see a ship where there is no ship; makes you believe you’re on the hunt right alongside the crew of the Pequod even though no whale ever appears onstage.

It’s a tour de force of physical theatre magic–swirling fabric of sails, soaring voices in song, and strong bodies in motion all collide to make you feel, as one patron put it, as if “you’re feeling the sea spray and tasting the salty sea!”

We are Cincinnati’s theatrical playground, and Moby Dick showcases exactly why–a group of artists who came together to play created a world where the danger of the White Whale is real; is present.

If you haven’t seen it for yourself, you have just 7 more chances, including tonight. If you’ve been hesitating because you weren’t sure if this was really a “‘Know’ kind of show”–let us prove you wrong.

Come take a chance on us. Come join us at Know for Moby Dick: Buy Tickets Here.