Know Theatre visits City Council Human Services, Youth, and Arts Committee

Know Theatre’s Artistic Director Andrew Hungerford and Associate Artistic Director Tamara Winters had the pleasure of visiting Cincinnati City Council’s Human Services, Youth, and Arts Committee on Monday, September 22, to present about who we are and what we’re making happen up here in Over-the-Rhine.

We were so grateful to be invited to present by Councilmember Yvette Simpson, who was especially interested in hearing more about The Welcome Experiment.  Andrew led the conversation, and shared a brief presentation about our history and future at Know: where we started, how we’ve grown, and what we hope to make possible this season and beyond.

Click below to see Andrew’s presentation, and learn more about Know’s re-charged mission and plans for the future:

Thank you so much to City Council for inviting us to present at the Committee! We had a great time, and felt very welcomed by everyone at City Hall. (Not a bad way to start the week!).