Meet Doctor X: a guy with a one-track mind…

Meet Doctor X: a guy with a one-track mind…

Doctor XName:
I’m Dr. X. I honestly can’t remember if that’s a first or last name. Maybe I’m like Madonna. Or Seal.

I’m 36 years old. I think I’m 36 years old. My birthday might be coming up soon, unless it just passed.

I come from:
I want to say Greenwich, Connecticut. That feels right. It’s possible I’ve been here all along, I can’t say for sure.

My life’s soundtrack would feature the song:
Remember The Time by Michael Jackson, that man could do no wrong.

What I’m doing with my life:
– Mostly catching up on a lot of TV
Enacting my mission to systematically extinguish the flames of love throughout the world
– Also I bake but it never comes out right

I’m really good at:
– Sight measurements in metric
– Karaoke
– Making deviled eggs
– Backgammon
– I’m an excellent masseuse, I can’t recall any complaints.

The first things people notice about me are:
– I get a lot of compliments about my hands
– I’m very punctual
– Honestly, most of the people I meet these days never get a chance to meet me.

Six things I could not do without are:
– My classic iPod
– Her note.
– My kill kit
– Peanut butter
– Netflix and Hulu
– Crossfit

I spend a lot of time thinking about:
I don’t have a day job or sleep much anymore so most days I lay in bed staring at the ceiling and fantasizing about reuniting with my One True Love until the noise in my head gets too loud for me to see straight. Then I make myself a smoothie before heading out into the night to kill people so I can hear myself think again.

Message me if:
You are happily enjoying a committed relationship with a loving partner and the room you sleep in is less than 3 stories up. I hate heights.


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