Meet Sally, the leader of the Crimefighters

Meet Sally, the leader of the Crimefighters

Most people know me as Sally of the Crimefighters. I can’t reveal my true identity here.

I can’t reveal that information. It’s for your protection.

I come from …
New York, a city on the edge.  A city like a healthy heart that has been poisoned with cancer. The cancer of crime.

My life’s soundtrack would feature the song …
Video Killed the Radio Star. Ironically, that is what was playing the night we corned DJ Death in the Channel 9 news headquarters. It’s a good memory.

What I’m Doing With My Life:
Keeping the streets safe. Definitely not working at a hospital.

I’m Really Good at …
Fighting, leading a band of Crimefighting women in hand-to-hand combat with major criminals and terrifying killers, and crosswords.

The First Things People Notice about me are …
How my knuckles look different the closer they get to your face. People that are not costumed criminals also notice that I have an intense, almost severe sense of purpose. But, like, in an endearing way.

Six Things I Could Not Do Without are…
1. My mask
2. My city
3. My Crimefighting team
4. My ass-kicking boots
5. My cat, Hammer of Justice
6. Coffee. Lots of coffee.

I Spend A Lot Of Time Thinking About …
Where Dr. X’s lair might be, how to catch him, what his weaknesses are. I definitely never think about how alone I am, or how I might be avoiding love by working around the clock as a Crimefighter and a civilian in disguise.

Message Me If…
​Your schedule is wide open.

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