Know Theatre of Cincinnati

Saturday the 14th

by Lauren Hynek and Elizabeth Martin

Saturday the 14th

People say it’s Friday the 13th you gotta watch out for. But it’s Saturday the 14th that really sucks balls.

February 7, 2015: 3pm
February 8, 2015: 8pm
February 10, 2015: 8pm
February 14, 2015: 3pm

Mitch and Gail are each having the worst Valentine’s Day. Ever. To top it off, they’re both trying to commit suicide by jumping off the very same spot on the very same bridge, and there’s not enough room for the both of them.

With no jumping room and nothing left to lose, they team up to cross a few things off their bucket lists before taking the final plunge.

Along the way they find adventure, understanding, and maybe even love.

The hit romantic comedy from Know’s summer Serials! season is back, reconstituted from six standalone episodes into a continuous one-act play for a limited run of four performances.

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  • Creative Team

    directed by Elizabeth Martin
    lighting design by Andrew J. Hungerford

    Learn more about our Ensemble here!


    Miranda McGee as Gail
    Nick Pajic as Mitch
    Chris Wesselman as everyone else