Know Theatre of Cincinnati



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Post-show programming to keep you PLAYing!

Know Theatre’s Play(under)Ground (or PuG, for short) is a season-long, rolling series of events following MainStage programming. For in-person shows, it happens in our Underground cabaret space, but during the pandemic, it happens via livestream on Facebook, YouTube, and right here.

It allows artists another opportunity to experiment, create, and play at Know Theatre, while getting paid to do so.

It gives audiences more opportunities to connect with the work of local artists.

And it allows the Know to continue to grow our artistic community, foster connections, and encourage diverse voices.

You’re getting more PLAY each play, so join us whether you’re seeing the show or not!

Doors open just after curtain falls, so start times vary.  Programming usually begins between 9:30-10:30pm EDT, and it’s totally free to attend whether or not you’ve seen the MainStage show that night.

The PuG schedule is announced on a rolling basis as events are confirmed.