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Creating a community and revising its history with every show.

Welcome to the 20th Quinquennial Beertown Time Capsule Day celebration (and dessert potluck)!

On Time Capsule Day, you, the audience, become Beertonians. And it is up to you to not only remember the history of beertown, but also revise it by voting which items truly belong in the capsule.

Which tells the story of our town better: A campaign button or a family bible? A license plate or a movie projector?

You, the audience, decide.

Cincinnati is the latest stop of Beertown Takes America, a national touring project where dog & pony dc artists collaborate with local artists and the greater communities of cities across the country to craft new and locally-relevant versions of the company’s signature show Beertown.

The town may be fictional, but the dessert potluck is real, so bring a dessert to share!

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  • Creative Team

    directed by Rachel Grossman
    scenic & props design by Sarah Beth Hall
    costume design by Noelle Wedig
    lighting design by Daniel C. Winters
    sound design by Doug Borntrager


    Andrew Ian Adams as Rep. Lawrence Pickel-Cooper
    Wyckham Avery as Mayor Meghan Soch
    Eileen Earnest as Joann Ryals
    Mike Hall as Edwin McFarlan
    Daryl Harris as Arthur Whitting
    Mindy Heithaus as Karine Oppenheim
    Sean Mette as David J. Guy
    Aiden Sims as Michael “MJ” Soch, Jr.

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  • Coming Soon!

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