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Hearts Like Fists by Adam Szymkowicz


Love is a Battlefield. Where superheroes fight crime.

The mysterious Dr. X is on a mission to make happy couples of The City pay, murdering them while they sleep with his specially designed poison that goes straight to the heart.

Now it’s up to the Crimefighters to stop Dr. X before he kills love forever.

With emotions so big and stakes so high that it takes a comic book world to contain them, Hearts Like Fists is a an action adventure noir comedy unlike anything you’ve ever seen on stage.

“A fun, twisted exploration of what it means when someone Hulk-smashes your heart on the ground into a million pieces.” – Village Voice

March 27-April 25, 2015.
Wed-Saturday at 8pm.
Sunday at 3pm.

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  • Creative Team

    directed by Tamara Winters
    fight direction by Jonn Baca
    scenic & lighting design by Andrew J. Hungerford
    costume design by Noelle Wedig
    sound & projection design by Doug Borntrager
    music by James Allen
    props design & scenic art by Sarah Beth Hall

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    Andrew Ian Adams as Peter
    Linnea Bond as Sally
    James Creque as Doctor X
    Lisa DeRoberts as Nurse
    Miranda McGee as Jazmin
    Maggie Lou Rader as Lisa
    Sola Thompson as Nina

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  • Trailer

    Production photos by Daniel R. Winters

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