Know Theatre of Cincinnati

Silent Sky


Measuring in Light.

The true story of 19th century astronomer Henrietta Leavitt plays out against a landscape of fierce sisterly love, early feminism, universe-revealing science, and a time when humans were called “computers.” This beautiful play from Lauren Gunderson (author of Know’s Toil and Trouble and Cincinnati Playhouse’s The Revolutionists) reveals how a group of extraordinary women found a way to measure the universe, providing a glimpse of the light within us all.

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In collaboration with the Cincinnati Observatory, Know Theatre is inviting students from all over the tri-state to two special performances of Silent Sky. Before these shows, there will be a panel featuring several Greater Cincinnati women working in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) fields, who will share their experience with the students in attendance. Know Theatre and the Observatory are proud to collaborate on this important project to highlight brilliant women in science of the past and present in hopes of inspiring the future generation of women in STEM.

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The Rodenberg Family Foundation
Michael Frabetti
Patricia Klein
Barbara Myers
and a coalition of additional donors led by
Priscilla O’Donnell and
Jenny O’Donnell
Duke Energy The Cincinnati Observatory