Know Theatre of Cincinnati



Los Angeles, 1933. Washed-up PI Frank Ellery takes on the strangest case of his life. A hack literary agent has been gruesomely murdered, and the four suspects are the agent’s remaining clients: wildly eccentric writers for different pulp magazines.

Frank dives into the mystery, and his world turns upside down as life begins to imitate literature. In this genre-bending, comedy, whodunnit, the plot swings from laughs to chills as science fiction, romance, adventure, and horror combine with one down-on-his-luck gumshoe who’s about to learn what really lurks between the lines.

A National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere from the author of Know’s 2015 hit, All Childish Things.

10 words or less: A genre-bending literary noir comedy.
Rated: PG


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