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Three stories cross outside of Portland, OR in a pitch black comedy with an illicit affair, a couple hanging on by a thread, bears at the window, the worst curiosity shop on the west coast, and an adorable missing dog named Mr. Bundles. No one’s happy, people stop being nice, and blood spills. This mash-up of myth, missing empathy, and “good neighbors” explores what happens when the mercury rises.

This delightfully dark play from Steve Yockey, the author of Heavier Than… and The Fisherman’s Wife, is the second of his planetary plays, a followup to 2013’s Pluto.

10 words or less: A comedy where revenge is a dish best served bloody.
Rated: R.







Creative Team

direction, scenic & lighting design by Andrew Hungerford
costume design by Noelle Johnston
sound & video design by Douglas Borntrager
Prop Design by Becca Armstrong
Specialty Prop Design by Brandon Johnston
Fight Direction by Jonn Baca


Andrew Ian Adams as Brian
James Creque as Nick
Eileen Earnest as Olive
Elizabeth Chinn Molloy as Heather
Robyn Novak as Pamela
Patrick Earl Phillips* as “Sam”
Tess Talbot as Alicia

*Appears courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association under a Special Appearance Agreement.

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