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Heroes. Made. Not Born. Except sometimes they are born. On a gloomy night in a far away magical land called: England.

Follow a trio of friends, three Puffs, as they study magic at a school of female magic and male magic at the very same time as a certain famous boy wizard and his friends.

Magic, sports, and a battle against evil collide in a hilarious new play for anyone who’s ever felt like they weren’t the hero of their own story.

Why settle for first place when you could be third? #ThirdOrNothing

Rated: PG-13.
Puffs features adult language and situations. There are also several improvised sections that will vary in content each night. We leave it up to parents to decide for themselves if Puffs is right for Wizards under the age of 13, with the acknowledgement that young wizards may learn some new curses.

Puffs runs 120-ish minutes with one 15 minute intermission.

10 words or less: In a world full of Snakes, be the Puff.

Creative Team

Director & Lighting Designer: Andrew Hungerford
Scenic Designer: Baron E. Pugh
Costume Designer: Noelle Wedig-Johnston
Sound Designer: Douglas Borntrager
Composer: James Allen
Props Designer & Scenic Charge: Kayla Williams
Stage Manager: Meghan Winter
Magical Melees: Jonn Baca
Technical Director: Henry Bateman


Andrew Ian Adams as Cedric/Mr. Voldy
Merritt Beischel as Narrator
Brianna Bernard as Sally Perks (etc.)
Brandon Burton as Oliver Rivers
Maggie Cramer as Leanne (etc.)
Ben Dudley as Wayne Hopkins
Jared Earland as Ernie Mac (etc.)
Maliyah Gramata-Jones as Megan Jones
Elizabeth Chinn Molloy as Hannah (etc.)
Jordan Trovillion as Susie Bones (etc.)
Chris Wesselman as J. Finch (etc.)

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