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Don’t touch that dial!

In the late 1950’s young actor Joyce is given the opportunity to take her love of horror movies to the next level, as a Horror Host of a late night television B Movie Extravaganza: Miss Spidra’s Night Parlor.

And some 50 years later, an older Joyce reflects on the challenges, the fun, and the schlock, when a documentary considers her legacy.

This world premiere from Joseph Zettelmaier (All Childish Things, Pulp, The Man-Beast) is a comedic drama about schlocky horror and what happens when you start living a dream you didn’t know you had.

10 words: The Night Parlor is open: don’t touch that dial.

Rated: PG-13

Run Time: Around 2 hours.

Now streaming via Vimeo Video On Demand!

Note: Shock! will be performed live for in person audiences at the theatre, and will also be available as a companion video on demand production.

For the safety of our cast, crew, and patrons, in person audiences for Shock! will be required to be both masked and fully vaccinated.

Note that for Shock! our lobby will not open until 30 minutes before show time.

All show times are EDT (-4 GMT).

Creative Team

Director & Lighting Designer: Andrew Hungerford
Scenic & Props Designer & Scenic Charge: Kayla WIlliams
Costume Designer: Noelle Wedig-Johnston
Sound & Projections Designer: Douglas Borntrager
Original Music: James Allen
Cinematographer/Camera Operator: Ryan Lewis
Stage Manager: Ben Dudley
Technical Director: Henry Bateman & Jim Stark


Brianna Bernard as Lucy Lupnicki
Paul Riopelle* as Ray Coslaw
Tess Talbot as Joyce Billings

Videography cast:
Terry Neumann as Joyce Billings
Dan Winters as John Oglesby