Spotlight On: Jon Kovach

Spotlight On: Jon Kovach

Actor Jon Kovach
Actor Jon Kovach

In Harry & The Thief, Know Theatre has assembled a veritable Who’s Who of Cincinnati theatre stars.

Today, we’re excited to feature audience favorite (and prolific writer, director, and performer), Jon Kovach.

Recently awarded “‘Audience Pick” of the 2014 Cincinnati Fringe Festival, Jon Kovach (Overseer Jones) returns to what he calls one of his “favorite theatres in town” with his latest role in Harry & The Thief.

Since graduating from Miami University with a BA in theatre (’11), Jon founded Cincinnati’s Unity Productions, helped build Untethered Theatre Co. (’12-’13), and has worked with internationally recognized film-makers (George Clooney, Robby Henson), authors (Nic Balthazar, Ron Jones), and theatres (Playhouse in the Park, Human Race).

We asked Jon five questions about his character, Overseer Jones–here’s what he had to say:

1. What do you love most about playing your character?

Overseer Jones is a helpless romantic experiencing unrequited love from one of his field-hands. That’s enough conflict for any actor to start licking their chops. 

2. What would your character’s action-movie theme song be?


3. Why should audiences root for Overseer Jones?

Without providing any spoilers: Jonesy has a lot of growth through the course of the play. Starting off as a bad guy, Jones turns his life around, and it would be hard not to root for him in the end. Harriet Tubman forgives him…

4. Say someone sent you back in time to change the course of history: Who would you go to find and what would you do?

I would find Christopher Columbus and prevent the whole conquering of the America’s/genocide-to-the-natives thing that happened in 1492.

5. In 50 words or less, why should Cincinnati come out to see Harry & The Thief?

Harry & the Theif is the smartest and silliest Harriet Tubman story that anyone will ever encounter! With a phenomenal script, a talented cast, a passionate production team, at an innovative theatre, how can you go wrong?

Will Overseer Jones earn his redemption? Find out at Harry & The Thief.