Spotlight On: Piper N. Davis

Spotlight On: Piper N. Davis

Actor Piper N. Davis
Actor Piper N. Davis

You may have seen Piper N. Davis (Harry) behind the scenes at Playhouse, making sure Cincinnati sees great Playhouse shows as their Sales Manager, but she’s back once again where she belongs: onstage at Know Theatre. 

Piper has performed and toured in many shows and cities, has had many on camera roles and enjoys doing voice over work. Since 2010, she has worked with Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park and now serves on several panels, boards and committees promoting and advocating for the arts.

While it has been over six years since her last stage performance, but she “knew her hiatus had to come to an end for the opportunity to work with such an amazing cast and cool script.”

We asked Piper about her experience leaping into the role of this unconventional view of Harriet Tubman, and this is what she had to say:

1. What do you love most about playing Harry?

Going beyond the image I’ve always had of Harriet Tubman. It has been enlightening to get to know her as a young, vibrant woman. I admire her now, more than ever.

2. What would your character’s action-movie theme song be?

Let’s Get It Started – Black Eyed Peas

3. Why should audiences root for Harry?

They better check her record! No, really, audiences should root for Harry because she is willing to come back and risk everything so that she can get people to freedom. And being strong doesn’t come without sacrifice…

4. Say someone sent you back in time to change the course of history: Who would you go to find and what would you do?

I don’t want to go back in time, I’d be afraid of getting trapped there. I would want to have a secret, week long retreat with Jesus, Josephine Baker, Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein and Ida B. Wells in this time. I could hear first hand about their experiences and lessons, update them on what’s going on in the world now and receive guidance about moving forward.

5. In 50 words or less, why should Cincinnati come out to see Harry & The Thief?

Because the story, characters, use of set, lighting, and sound take you on a thought provoking, wild journey! You know what you think you know — but this is not your grandma’s Harriet!


Challenge what you think you know about Harriet Tubman when you come see Harry & The Thief.