Know Theatre of Cincinnati

The Light Chasers

There’s so much energy in us.

Teenage science whiz Nic is stuck on Earth with her practical mom while her beloved dreamer of a father is ten years into an improbable mission to the stars. Nic vows to defy what she’s always been told is possible to bridge lightyears, get a message to her dad, and reunite her family. 

This epic, world-premiere theatrical adventure based upon the album Light Chasers by indie orchestral-rock band Cloud Cult is a co-production between Know Theatre and UC CCM Acting, written by Know Producing Artistic Director Andrew Hungerford and developed with Chicago based theatre maker Jess Hutchinson, who co-directs the show.

The Light Chasers is a music-fueled story about finding hope in a broken world and the galactic distances we’ll go to heal.

Hyperspecific Netflix Category: sci-fi · adventure · hope · family · grief · indie rock

Rated: PG-13 (language)

Run Time: 2 hours with one 15 minute intermission

Health and Safety: Please note that masks are currently encouraged but optional at MainStage Performances. Read more about our health and safety policies.

Creative Team

Director: Jess Hutchinson & Andrew Hungerford
Scenic & Lighting Designer: Andrew Hungerford
Movement Director: L. Lucia Duque
Orchestrator & Music Director: Rob Stark
Asst Director: A.J. Baldwin
Asst Director: Becca Anderson
Costume Designer: Noelle Wedig-Johnston
Sound & Projection Designer: Douglas Borntrager
Props Designer & Scenic Artist: Danielle Robison
Stage Manager: Grace Wohlschlegel
Technical Director: Jim Stark


Gabi Adams as Nic
Staylie Brunner as Robin
James Creque as the Pilot
Evan Cupersmith as Blake
Nico Graves as Charlie
Montez O. Jenkins-Copeland as Mshauri
Carson Mehlbauer as Ellis
Cassandra Reeves as Kai
Sarah Summerwell as Chris
Lilia Villaflor as Quinn