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The Twunny Fo’

The Twunny Fo' by A.J. Baldwin

Whose bricks are these?

As rents go up and people move away, Tyra is trying to finish her MBA so she can leave the neighborhood once and for all.

Meanwhile, The local corner store has been bought by “family owned” chain The 24, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the last 24 years.  While working the third shift, Tyra and her coworkers are forced to confront the question: what is our responsibility to ourselves, and what is our responsibility to our community?

A world premiere play by local actor and playwright A. J. Baldwin.

10 words: A world premiere comedy about work and the work.

Rated: R (language, some violence)

Run Time: 2 hours including one 15 minute intermission.

Wednesday Welcome Experiment performances of The Twunny Fo’ are made possible by American Rescue Plan funds from the City of Cincinnati, administered through ArtsWave.

Season Welcome Experiment Sponsor
Judge Mark P. Painter (Ret)

Now Available as Video On Demand!

You’ll have access to the recording for 48 hours following your selected viewing date.

Creative Team

Director: Candice Handy
Scenic & Lighting Designer: Andrew Hungerford
Costume Designer: Noelle Wedig-Johnston
Sound Designer: Douglas Borntrager
Props Designer & Scenic Artist: Kayla WIlliams
Stage Manager: Char Adams
Technical Director: Jim Stark


A.J. Baldwin as Tyra
Jasimine Bouldin as Rissa
James Creque as Kinglsey
Eli Lucas as Shaw

A note on video and audio in livestream performances:
Video is captured via an HD single camera, as though you’re seated with us in the audience. The sound for The Twunny Fo’ is captured live from overstage microphones. You’ll hear the sound design, the actors, and the audience as they exist in the theatre. Covid safety protocols require our ventilation system to be running for the duration of the show, which means there is a constant rumble of background noise very close to our microphones. Through the magic of technology, we process the audio in real time in order to reduce the impact of that air handling noise. This can result in audio that sounds a little “tinny.” We work to balance our sound to provide the best possible experience, but it will be inherently different than you might expect from a big budget film or television show. We’re continuously experimenting to improve the quality of the livestream with the resources we have available. Our goal is to someday be able to offer live captioning, but it is, unfortunately, cost prohibitive at this time. Even with these constraints, we hope that you’ll enjoy the experience of joining us digitally!