The Welcome Experiment

Know Theatre, like many theatre companies, takes pride in creating a space where artists and audiences feel welcome to take artistic risks together.

But it’s easy to get so focused on our artistic mission that we forget how things like ticket pricing can create real barriers between our work and our community.

What if we really meant it when we said we wanted to engage the community?


What would happen if we decided to regularly throw open our doors to whomever wanted to see a show—regardless of whether they could pay the $25 ticket price?

What if we radically redefined what we mean when we say “welcome”?

Inspired by Mixed Blood Theatre of Minneapolis and their Radical Hospitality program, Know Theatre is adding Wednesday night performances to all Mainstage shows—and making admission to those performances absolutely free-of-charge.

You read that correctly: Wednesday night Mainstage performances at Know Theatre are FREE to the community.


Do you live in a low-income situation? You are welcome here.
Are you a struggling student? Or an artist? You are welcome here.
Even if you’re just unsure if live theatre is your “thing,” and want to see what we offer without stretching your budget: Come on down; you, too, are welcome at the Know.

You love theatre. We Know you do. And we’re working to make great live theatre accessible—to everyone.

For the 2018-19 season each welcome experiment performance has 50 tickets available for advance reservation at $5, and 50 tickets reserved for walk up patrons completely free of charge.