Know Theatre of Cincinnati

The Welcome Experiment

No one should miss a show just because they can’t afford a ticket.

Sure, it’d be easier for any company to just raise ticket prices if they wanted to make ends meet – but we’ve never really been about doing things the easy way at the Know.

We believe that artists deserve to make a living wage for their work, and that anyone who wants to see a show should be able to do so, no matter what their economic circumstances.

That’s why, since 2014, our Wednesday MainStage performances have been affordable for all, with advance reservations just $10 and walkup tickets completely free of charge.

Yup. Free!

An excited audience at the Know

We call it “The Welcome Experiment,” and since 2014 it’s welcomed more than 4,000 people in to the Know at low or no cost.

Do you live in a low-income situation? You are welcome here.

Are you a struggling student? Or an artist? You are welcome here.

Are you just not quite sure live theatre is your “thing” but you’re curious enough to check it out? Come on down; you, too, are welcome at the Know.

Let’s play – no matter what your economic circumstances might be.

For the 2023-2024 season, each Welcome Experiment performance has 40 tickets available for advance reservation at $10, and 40 tickets reserved for walk up patrons completely free of charge.