THIS JUST IN: You Are Welcome.

THIS JUST IN: You Are Welcome.

Ever been intrigued by a show, but been scared off by ticket price?

Well, Know Theatre wants to help you take the leap and take a chance, even when money is tight.

Beginning with our first MainStage show of Season 17, Sigrid Gilmer’s Harry & The Thief, Wednesday performances of MainStage shows are now FREE.

welcomeYeah, I said FREE. Like, really free. Free-of-Charge. As in, costing zero dollars. Really, really free.

Why are we doing this?

Because we think we’re making stuff that’s worth seeing. And, though we do still need ticket income to stay in business, we suspect there are people who would love our shows, but who currently stay away because even our modest $20 ticket price can simply be too much.

So, we’re making space for more people to feel welcome at Know Theatre. You might be an OTR neighbor who walks by us every day, but you’ve never taken a step inside to see a show. You might be a theatre-loving student living on ramen and dreams. You might be on a fixed income, or just be wary of taking a chance on a high ticket price for a new play–no matter who you are, you are welcome here.

We especially hope that, if you’ve never seen a play at Know before, you might decide now is the time to take a chance on what Rick Pender of CityBeat calls Cincinnati’s most innovative theater company.” 

You are welcome here. So, come take a chance with us.

Harry & The ThiefFree Welcome Experiment performances are now LIVE and you can book your free tickets online in advance here:–2


You can help us swing our doors wide open to all — click the widget below to find our IndieGoGo campaign to fun The Welcome Experiment.