Know Theatre of Cincinnati

Box Office Policies

robert_boxofficeWe encourage patrons to purchase tickets through our website 24 hours a day! Our box office system allows a great deal of flexibility in managing your tickets and account, and also allows you to redeem flex passes and memberships online! Without having to call us! The future is now.

And we’re happy to take your call if you’d like to talk to a person to arrange your tickets.

Our regular box office hours are
Tuesday-Friday, 11am-5pm

And 1 hour before curtain on show days.

Our lobby opens 1 hour before curtain, so you’re welcome to come early and have a drink with us!

Seating is general admission (though Know Theatre Members get Priority Seating as a special benefit) and doors to the upstairs theatre generally open about 10 minutes before showtime.

In our flexible space, no seat is more than about 20′ from the playing space… and most of them are much closer!

Late Seating

Please note: Late seating is not available for many shows. If you know you’re running late, please give us a call and let us know. We’re flexible enough to delay our start time if you’re due to arrive any minute, but late starts make the rest of the audience grumpy.


We have elevator access to our upstairs MainStage! Because the elevator opens directly into the playing space, patrons using the lift are accompanied by a house manager or other staff member.

If you or a member of your party have mobility concerns, it’s helpful if you give us a call ahead of time at 513.300.5669.

A Note About Climate Control

One of the most common issues at any theatre is keeping the space at comfortable temperature for both audiences and actors.

We have a new HVAC system which is very effective at moderating temperature in the space, but audience experience can vary dramatically if you happen to be seated under or near one of the vents above the first and last rows.

So please keep this in mind, and think about layering appropriately to maximize your comfort when you come to the theatre.

Refunds/Exchange Policy

While we do our best to accommodate ticket exchanges (We understand! Life happens!) we cannot guarantee any exchanges and we are unable to offer refunds on tickets sold.