Whose story is this? Get to Know Angela (played by Kate Glasheen)

Whose story is this? Get to Know Angela (played by Kate Glasheen)

This is Angela.

Bureau of Missing Persons is her story.

AngelaAngela hasn’t left her apartment for a year and a half.
Angela is a lot like you…if your world was falling apart around you.

We asked Angela a few questions about what it’s like to live inside her head:

1. If you had a free day with no responsibilities and your only mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?

I would stay home and knit.  I can say with certainty I will fail the mission to enjoy myself.

2. Do you think you’ve turned out the way your parents expected?

If realizing my mother’s greatest fears for my future is the same as turning out the way she expected, then yes, I’d say I hit the nail on the head.  I was doing alright for awhile, but I was never going to be exactly what she wanted, and now I’m miles away.  My Dad died when I was a teenager, but he always wanted me to be happy.  I guess I’ve failed him too...

3. What’s your idea of a good marriage?

When each partner knows what the other wants or needs.  And maybe an endless supply of coffee.

4. Why should the audience take your side?

I’m not so sure they should...

Angela is played with luminous fragility by Kate Glasheen, most recently seen at the Know as Isabel in 2013’s Bull. 

Bureau of Missing Persons by Lila Rose Kaplan is the story of what it will take for Angela to climb out of grief and back into her life.  Part mystery, part romance, Bureau of Missing Persons will make you believe in possibility and hope–and it just might make you want to dance, too.

Come see just what it will take to bring Angela back to life.

Join Angela’s adventure when you get your tickets to Bureau of Missing Persons.